The Spirit Haus
Welcome to The Spirit Haus, Amherst's Specialty Beverage Center

About The Spirit Haus

We are a full service, family owned specialty beverage store. We have hundreds of beers, wines and specialty liquors in stock. We pride ourselves on our friendly customer service. We can help in your planing of parties - kegs, coolers, glassware, delivery, etc.

If you've read of a new micro-brewed beer, tasted a special liquor on your last trip overseas, enjoyed a wine with dinner at a local restaurant or at a favorite spot in the big city and want to try it again, then let us search it out for you. If it is available in Massachusetts, we will find it. Our goal is for us to be here to serve your needs. 

There is no one better in Massachusetts in locating a hard to find liquor than Marvin, our owner.

Jon, our beer manager, is enthusiastic about the growth in the craft beer industry and is always interested in ordering specialty beer or liquor for our customers.  

Gary, our wine manager, while catering to everyone's need to find good affordable wines, has assembled an extraordinary collection of fine wine offerings, especially from Italy.

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